Vanilla Planet

How to Buy Vanilla Extract

Daphna Havkin Frenkel, 2011 Supermarket, gourmet stores, specialty stores and many other outlets  carry vanilla extract. There are also many web sites selling vanilla extracts.  Some of the brands are very familiar since they had been around since our grandmother or before. New vanilla extracts appears on the shelves almost weekly. Here are few important […] Read More

Vanilla Products

Vanilla is the only flavor in the US that has a standard of identity listed under the code of Federal Regulation. The article clearly states the list of ingredients that are allowed to be used in order to be able to label the product pure vanilla. The basic fold system is defined as follows: One […] Read More

Vanilla – The Food of the Gods

Daphna Havkin-Frenkel, 2009 Vanilla flavour is extracted from the cured bean of Vanilla planifolia Andrew, a member of the orchid family, which originated in Mexico. Another species, Vanilla tahitensis Moore, grown exclusively in Tahiti and Papua New Guinea is also a source of vanilla flavour. Beans (pod-like fruit) are produced after 4-5 years of cultivation. Fruit maturation occurs […] Read More

New Uses for Vanilla

Daphna Havkin-Frenkel, May 2010 Introduction Vanilla is the world’s most popular and used flavor. Vanilla was introduced to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors who brought vanilla beans from Mexico in the sixteenth centaury. The flavor has been gaining in popularity ever since. Vanilla is the most popular and loved flavor, apparently because it evokes emotions […] Read More

Vanilla: The Next Super Spice

Daphna Havkin-Frenkel, June 2010 The benefits and discoveries behind the most famous flavor in the world . . . Vanilla is becoming the next super spice (food). Aside from its traditional uses, modern science reveals that there is more to vanilla than great taste. Continuing studies support the concept that vanilla may have health benefits […] Read More

Antioxidants from Vanilla

Daphna Havkin Frenkel, 2010   Bakto Flavors LLC is an innovative science-based company, supported by research and development, specializing in natural top quality vanilla products.Known for centuries for its superb flavor, the beneficial health properties of vanilla are unveiled by modern science. The substantial antioxidant activity of our vanilla extract results from the high content […] Read More